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Computer Lab Rules




1.  NO FOOD or DRINK is allowed in the computer lab!!  This includes, but is not limited to, gum, candy, water, or soda.  Computers are not compatible with food or liquids and are easily damaged.  Also, there are no maids in this school to clean up after you!

2.  Students must login using their OWN login.  All AUP rules will be observed while on school computers.  When finished, or before leaving the lab, students should LOG OFF their computer, pick all papers and belongings and take with them. If 8th period, computers should be shut down.

3.  Students may not be in the computer lab without a teacher present unless prearrangements have been made with lab aide or the librarian.

4.  Students may not enter the computer lab by the hallway door on the north side unless accompanied by a teacher.  Entry to the computer lab is through the library door on the south side hallway.