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General Information

Two items at a time may be checked out.  If you do not return an item, you cannot check out an additional item.  The exception is playaways. The rule is that the book must be read with a playaway.

No, fines are not being assessed on late/overdue items at this time.   Students can still check items if they have only 1 overdue item. However, students are limited to two items total.

Lost items must be paid for as soon as possible.  Check out is limited to two items and that means that overdue or lost items limit students' ability to check out new items by the number of lost/overdue items they currently have.  All students have to have a clear financial record with the library prior to graduation.

Students are issued a card within the first week of school.  If they lose that initial card, the library will make one additional card for free.  If students continue to lose cards, the additional cards will cost them $1 for each card that has to be replaced.  If students lose their library card, they need to place their names on the spiral notebook on the circulation desk as soon as possible.  New cards can be picked up Friday afternoon.  Please be aware that a library card is required to check out items.

A spiral notebook is on the circulation desk for students to write suggestions for new materials.  The book title and author need to be written in the notebook along with the name of the student who suggests it.  That will enable students to have first look at the titles when they come in. Please do not just put series names--put individual book titles or the author's full name.  

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