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Library Rules and Procedures


Library Rules and Procedures


  1. Library books/playaways can be checked out only if the patron presents his/her library card.
  2. Books/playaways can be renewed ONE (1) time! That gives the patron a period of 4 weeks.
  3. Patrons with library books/playaways that are overdue more than one week cannot check new books/playaways until the overdue books/playaways are returned.
  4. Only one playaway at a time may be checked out.
  5. Do NOT leave batteries in playaways.  Take them out and place them appropriately in the case.
  6. Patrons who return books/playaways that are damaged will be charged up to the cost of the book/playaway for repair or replacement of the item.
  7. For patrons who have been reminded multiple times to return overdue books/playaways, or asked to pay for lost books/playaways, parents will be notified and report cards held until the fine is paid.
  8. Overdue books and playaways will be assessed a fine of 10 cents per day up to the total cost of the book/playaway.  Students owing fines will not be allowed to check out books/playaways until the fine is paid in full and books/playaways are returned.
  9. Patrons should not check out books/playaways for other students.  If you do, YOU are still responsible for that book/playaway.
  10. Always place books/playaways in the slot in the circulation desk, unless the media specialist asks you to hand them to her.

Library Rules

1. No food or drink in the library!  No Exceptions!



3. If you are in the library to check out books, take care of business and return to class as quickly as possible

4. If you are in the library to work—bring ALL materials, books, supplies you need


5. NO SLEEPING in the library—you need to be reading or working on classwork


6. No CELL PHONE use, unless approved by Library Media Specialist


7.  Respect others and follow all school rules


Library Procedures


1.  Students will be given a library card which they must use at all times.Lost library cards will be replaced 1 time and then $1 will be charged for new cards.

2.  Students may check out 2 books at one time for a period of two weeks.

3.  Students with lost or overdue books may not check out new books until the lost/overdue book(s) are returned.

4.  Books that are damaged or lost must be paid for by the student.All charges must be paid by the end of the year.