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Jessica Roberts

My name is Mrs. Roberts. I am a Special Education teacher who provides extra support in some of the math classes. I also provide math help and remediation in the Resource Room. I believe that ALL students can learn. I also believe that when teachers work together, they can provide great instruction that will progress students to the math level in which they need to be operating.  If you uhave any questions reguarding your child or student please feel free to contact me by phone (870) 448-3331 ext.2262 or by email:

1st-    Co-teaching with Mrs. Carr /Geometry

2nd- Resource/ Help for Literacy and Math

3rd- Co Teaching with Mrs. Welch 7th Grade Math

4th- Co-Teaching with Mrs. Welch 8th Grade Math

Advisory- Students learn about citizenship, check grades, learn about other classes etc.

5th - Resource-Monday, Wednesday, Friday  Co-Teaching with Mrs. Clark 9th Grade English- Tuesday,Thursday

6th- Co-Teaching with Mrs. Carr- Geometry

7th-   Prep

8th-   Resource Math/ Literacy


Contact Jessica Roberts

Classroom Number:
105 B
School Phone:
870-448-3331 e.2242
Cell Phone:
Conference Time:
Friday 2:15-3:20

Jessica Roberts

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