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Welcome to Leslie Intermediate School

Valentine’s Day Parties

2:00 February 14, 2017

Leslie Intermediate Gymnasium 


School Mission Statement

It is the mission of Leslie Intermediate School to help students develop into independent, knowledgeable people who are responsible for their own learning.  The staff holds to the principles of the leadership, scholarship, character, service to  community, and loyalty and will set the example for students as they mature to respect these principles. 













Contact us at 870-447-2431    or email bcaston@scsd.info


Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan information


ACSIP (indistar) login info:
username: guestSAR1708
password: guestSAR1708

Bennetta Caston
Piktochart Website

Students can create an account with piktochart using their bobcat1 email address.  They can then create infographics from information they have gathered.  https://magic.piktochart.com/

Veterans Essays

The students are working on a essay for the Veteran's.  The topic is hard work.  What makes a hard worker?  What do you need to do to be a hard worker?  Recognize some qualities of an individual that the student considers a hard worker not only in school but also in every day life. 

Contact Bennetta Caston
School Phone:
870-447-2431 ext 223